How to buy a physiotherapy practice

Working for yourself can be the ultimate goal for physiotherapists. It gives flexibility, ownership and for many, financial rewards well in excess of what the NHS can offer. The NHS has come under a lot of pressure over the last few years and many of our clients are looking at alternative forms of employment where they can call shots, focus the direction of the business and reap the rewards.

There are 2 options available to you at this present moment. The first is to approach the owner of a practice and see if he/she will sell their physiotherapy business to you. This is both time consuming and also carries a low chance of succeeding. The second option is to use a specialist physiotherapy broker such as Morgan Cox Physiotherapy to guide you through the process and present you with a short list of possible candidates for acquisition.

It is very important that even when you have identified a practice to purchase and an agreed price that you have the best input possible. A mistake at the contract stage could harm the business prospects in the future and certainly the resalable value of the practice. Morgan Cox can provide consultation on an hourly rate for those who just want to check everything is above board. Contact us for more details or register your details to access our buyers database.