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Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with this order you agree to abide by these published Terms & Conditions:

Statement of Limiting Conditions for Goodwill Valuations

Our valuation report relies upon the following contingent and limiting conditions:

1. All information provided by the client and representatives is thought to be accurate. However, we offer no assurance as to its accuracy.

2. Unless stated otherwise in this report, we have assumed compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. The valuation analysis and conclusion of value presented in the report are for the purpose of this engagement only and are not to be used for any other reason, any other context or by any other person except the client to whom the report is addressed.

4. The opinion of value expressed in this report does not obligate us to render a comprehensive valuation report, to give testimony, or attend court proceedings with regard to the practice business assets, properties or business interests, unless such arrangements have been made previously.

5. Possession of this report does not imply a permission to publish the same or any part thereof. No part of this report is to be communicated to the public by means of advertising, news releases, sales and promotions or any other media without a prior written consent and approval by us.

6. This report is valid only for the date specified herein.

7. You agree that we cannot be held liable for damages by the client or any prospective purchaser as a result of this valuation. It is advised that any purchaser carries out a professionally commissioned due diligence process to verify the validity of the information provided to us for this valuation and also to quantify any other factor be it disclosed or undisclosed to us that may affect the business valuation.

8. If it is important that the valuation is agreed for tax purposes, then it will be necessary to submit the valuation report to the share valuation division of HMRC in order to obtain their approval on the valuation for tax purposes. Where HMRC disagrees/disputes the above valuation and or calculations it is up to the client or their appointed representative and not Morgan Cox Ltd to liaise negotiate and come to an agreement with them.