How to Buy an Optical Practice?

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Growth through the acquisition process can lead to rapid accumulation of market share. When focusing on geographical areas this can result in rapid increases in turnover and profitability.
Morgan Cox Optometry are one of the UK leading optical brokers and our optical team only deal with the valuation and brokerage of optometry related businesses. We are specialists in the valuation of these types of businesses and can introduce active buyers and sellers to find the right match and the right price. Undoubtedly there is a certain degree of chemistry that is required of both parties during the sale of optical related businesses and we are well aware of what elements are required for a deal to proceed to completion. In the optical industry there are only 2 specialist optical brokers. Our advantage is that we will focus on you the client and will not try and cross sell other products to you for our financial gain. We also don't charge anywhere near the 6% commission that others charge for selling your optical business.
If you search google for any related optical or optometry related practice or business for sale you will see that we come highly ranked. And for good reason. We offer an exceptional level of service which is based around you the client.
As an optical buyer there are two options for you:

Option 1: Join our regular optical buyer tier:
On the right hand side of this page you can simply enter your name and email address into the buyers database form. Once registered we will send you details of all new optical businesses that we bring to the market. Be aware however that we have a large number of buyers registered in this tier. Once practices are released we normally have a large number of interested parties whom are interested and contact us for financial details of the advertised business. There is no fee to join this tier.

Option 2: Join our platinum optical buyer tier:
For a small fee you can join the highest buyer tier that we have. This gives you added advantages over other buyers which include the following:

  1. Proactive advertising in our optical practices for sale directory, based around your requirements. This is viewed by prospective vendors and leads to a higher direct match at introduction.
  2. Advanced optical practice viewings: We will give you advanced access to all new optometry practices. You will have 1 weeks prior notice of new practices before they are released to the general buyer tier.
  3. This tier is for the most active buyers who are ready to move forward with a transaction. Numbers are restricted to this tier giving you the competitive edge to make the right business decisions at the right time.

We sell optical practices and businesses and can walk you through the steps required. Contact us today for a free no obligation discussion.