How to Buy a Vet Clinic or Practice

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You may be newly qualified and looking for your first practice to run or you may already be well established and looking to grow your business with the addition of another veterinary clinic in say a different geographical location. Either way you will have two options. Start up a new clinic, or purchase an existing clinic with trading history and client base.
The decision to these options is really up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages to each however purchasing an existing clinic is considered the safest in the long term. You will be purchasing an existing business with clients and trading history. The clinic will be profitable so you will be seeing a return from day 1 on your investment. Also in your quest for a suitable practice you will be able to conduct due diligence and look forensically at the trading history and client database to make sure that this is a low risk option.

Surprisingly there are very few dedicated vet brokers in the UK. Morgan Cox Veterinary are one of the largest UK vet brokers. We have consultants whom have years of experience in the vet industry and have been involved in transactions from small single vet practices to the sale of a national chain of clinics.

If you are looking to buy then please register for free on our vet buyers database using the form on the right hand side of this page. If you are an active buyer and would like the highest level of service with a more proactive approach then please contact us. We run a platinum buyers club which for a small fee will result in us advertising for a suitable practice for you with other added benefits such as a window of exclusive assessment of new vet clinics before we release them to the general buyers.