How to buy a Nursery?

If you are thinking about buying a nursery then you have found the right place. It is only by talking and engaging with experts such as Morgan Cox that you can really find out how the nursery buying and selling market works. The first thing you will need to do is register with a specialist agent who operates in this market. There isn't a large number of nurseries that come to the market each year and are sold. When one comes to the market there is normally a lot of interest and rarely are below market value acquisitions made in this field.

Due to the confidential nature of selling a nursery we will need to go through our registration process. This will ascertain who you are, why you want to buy, what your future plans are and how you intend to finance the purchase. We will also need a copy of your CV so we can tell the vendor something about you and will also need 3 referees. We contact all referees so that we only ever have the best buyers
on our database at any one time.

Please complete the short form below and one of our nursery transfer consultants will call you back to discuss in more detail. Alternatively please call us for a no obligation discussion about your needs and how we might be able to help you.