How to buy a School?

Increasingly investors are looking at stable, long term investment options given the volatility in other investment markets. Schools in the UK are now popular with any of the following groups of potential purchasers:

  • Companies
  • Investors
  • Individuals
  • Teachers
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Other bodies and organisations sometimes from abroad

Schools which are well established and have a long trading history are safe investments. They trade like any other business and investors can make sound decisions about returns on investment in the knowledge that there are large entry barriers to this market. Established schools are therefore topical and we receive many enquiries from within the UK and abroad about acquiring schools.

Morgan Cox School transfers have a database of registered buyers. As the number of schools entering the market each year is quite small this really is a very specialised market. Our advice is simple. Register with any school transfer agent or company well in advance of any investment. The more specific you are with your requirements then the better chance we have of introducing you to a suitable vendor who would like to sell.

Selling schools is an extremely confidential matter. The last thing a vendor wants is for his/her intensions to become known amongst the staff and also parents. Staff and pupils leaving causes more problems and can lead to a reduced goodwill value to the school as an asset.

To this end we take our buyer registration very seriously. We fully interview each and every potential buyer to find out their background, the reasons for purchase, future plans and how they intend to finance the purchase. Owners of schools want their staff and school, to be looked after by a "safe pair of hands". We will need to have a copy of your CV including 3 referees.

In order to register please contact us by telephone, email, or simply fill out the form below and one of our school transfer consultants will get back to you to talk you through the registration process.